Disco Bros on Mission Dance

The time has come and the sympathetic two Disco-Bros are united, Bud Dancer is born! Sascha and Michelle are embarking on a journey full of power and fun. Inspired by talented musicians, they dive into the unlimited possibilities of electronic dance music. In addition to their passion for melodic techno, they also focus on connecting people and celebrating an unforgettable feast of joy. Their harmonic teamwork fascinates people all over the dancefloor. Immerse yourself in their music – the four hands up for a Halleluja.
The two rockets were launched at the end of 2016 in their home town Schaffhausen, Switzerland. There they and their friends made a name for themselves for five years with their series of events “Das Lotterleben der Nachtigall”. The desire for more grew stronger and Bud Dancer moved to Berlin to start a new adventure at the beginning of 2017. As soon as they arrived in the fat B at the Spree, they were welcomed into the Family of the art collective «Club Liberté». Since the end of 2019, they have been an integral part of the legendary crew of “Wuza”. At the moment they play as their resident DJs in various Berlin clubs and also radiate their scent of joy outside of Germany.



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